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About Satellite Phones


About Satellite Phones

If you are living or working in some of Australia's most remote locations, a satellite phone can be a necessity.

With overnight courier to most major cities within Australia, renting or hiring a satellite Phone has never been easier.

They also provide backup services for when your regular mobile is disconnected. If a cell tower goes down during an emergency, the whole network is at risk of being overloaded or may fail entirely. One of the most important tech tools for any prepper is a satellite phone, which bypasses entirely the local system.

They let you make phone calls from almost anywhere because their primary infrastructure exists in Satellites outside the Earth's atmosphere. Satellite phones don't rely on a terrestrial cell phone network. Instead, they beam their data directly to and from satellites orbiting Earth.

That technological leap unleashes satellite phones (or sat phones) from the bonds restricting their Earth-based brethren. Thus, they are the communication devices of choice in areas with minimal or non-existent cell coverage, such as sparsely populated or poor countries, locations where governments restrict cell and Internet access, or where natural disasters wreck ground-based systems.

"Sat phones" rely on a network of satellites that are either fixed above the Equator (Geostationary), or in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) anywhere from 500 to 1,000 miles above the earth. Sat phones are rarely affected by violent storms and, depending upon their system architecture, work virtually anywhere in the world. The devices weigh a few ounces and may be about the same size as your cell phone.